Christmas Carol vs. The World! - Christmas Championship Extravaganza

Get Ready... GO!

AtariAge and that dude who made a game some time ago invite you to another very special edition of the High Score Championship. Throughout the entire month of December, all boys and girls, naughty or nice, will have the opportunity not only to earn bragging rights, but to win actual prizes!

A Very Merry Christmas Carol

Play the game Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents and help Carol Greenleaf save Christmas from the Evil Snowman. Rise to the top of the ranks of Santa's Elite Elf Squad and submit your top score to the judges. The person with the highest score received by the deadline of December 31st, 2015, wins a very special gift from Santa Claus himself!

Santa presenting Grand Prize to Carol

Everyone's A Winner

Santa Claus always acknowledges hard work and effort, and although there can be only one Grand Prize winner, Santa will award various other prizes to the top players on each rank, in recognition of their high status among Santa's Elite Elf Squad.

Plus, all scores submitted will be published on the Carol vs. Ghost web site as well as on the AtariAge forum, so even if you're not in the highest rank, you still get to brag about your score.

There will be prizes awarded for every skill level, and everyone is invited, so there's just no excuse not to participate!

Visit the contest's Prize section for more information on the many awards being offered.

A Present Under Every Tree

As if bragging rights and great prizes were not enough, Santa has decided to give away the game to everyone! That's right, Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents is now available in ROM format as a free download.

Joy to the World. Peace on Earth. And ROM's for all Mankind. Joy to the World. Peace on Earth. And ROM's for all Mankind.

How Does It Work?

Contest Instructions

  1. Play the Christmas Carol game on your Intellivision® console or PC.
  2. At the end of the game, record your final score by taking a photograph or screen-shot of the game screen. This will serve as proof of your score.
  3. Announce your points to the judges by sending proof of your high score via e-mail to, or posting the image on the AtariAge forum. Be sure to include the name you want to have displayed on the leaderboard.
  4. Wash, rinse, repeat as many times as you'd like, until the contest deadline of December 31st, 2015.

That's it! There's nothing to buy and no registration required. Whether you play the game cartridge on an Intellivision® console, or the ROM edition on a PC, it's all the same. Just send us a photo or screen-grab of your score and you're in!

We'll post all entries as they come in. Note that if you sent your entry via e-mail, there may be a slight delay. In any case, the Carol vs. The World! leaderboard will be updated at least twice weekly.

Visit the official contest rules section for more information.

Official Carol vs. The World! Leaderboard
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Getting Started

Pre-Contest Riddle

As has been the tradition in past Carol vs. The World! contests, we present you with a riddle as a prelude to the championship. Guess the answers correctly and you shall earn your first achievement.

A correct guess will include two items:

  • The missing words to each riddle
  • The character or item that is the subject of each riddle

For an extra-special bonus you may also include a one-sentence short story using all the words guessed in those two items. The best story we receive by the end of the contest earns extra bragging rights with an exclusive achievement!

The Riddles

Riddle #1:
Her hair is fair and of golden colour
And her threads are just as dandy,
She can sprint very fast through a corridor
Except when she stops to ••• •••••.
Riddle #2:
He has no legs, no feet, and no toes
He has no arms, no hands, and no paws
Though he may seem spooky,
He's just sort of loopy,
And he's friends with good old ••••• •••••.
Riddle #3:
Programmed and trained to attack her,
Its buzzing and whirling can't faze her,
With mechanical aim it will track her
Then shoot and zap her with its •••••.
Riddle #4:
Twiggy arms and eyes of black coal
That stare fiendishly with a scowl
Fear is instilled in everyone's soul
At the sound of his bloodcurdling ••••!

Make sure to submit your guesses via e-mail to:

Good luck!