Christmas Carol vs. The World! - Christmas Championship Extravaganza

Frequently Asked Questions

[Updated on 12/02/2015]

Do I have to purchase the game?
No. There is no need to purchase the game in order to participate in the Carol vs. The World! Championship. You can download the ROM-Only version for free. Keep in mind that the game is best played on an Intellivision® console, as it was designed. Also, the purchased game comes in a gorgeous "gate-fold" style box, with glossy manual and hand-controller overlays, which enhance your playing experience and make for a great collectible.
Do I need to sign up to the High Score Club forum?
No. There is no need to register or sign up for anything in order to participate in the Carol vs. The World! Championship. If you are a member of the AtariAge forum, you can post your entries directly there, otherwise you can send them via e-mail to the judges. There is no advantage either way. That said, you are welcome to join the forum and take part in our community, there's lots of nice people there, and it's free.
Will my e-mail address or personal information be published?
Not unless you ask for it. We respect your privacy, so no e-mail addresses will be published. You may include with your entry a name or nickname to display publicly on the leaderboards. If you don't specify a name, we'll use the one on the e-mail or forum post sender.
Is the free ROM-Only version the same as the one in the cartridge?
Yes. The ROM-Only version has no modifications or variations to the game-play from the one sold in cartridge. If you purchase the cartridge version you'll have a great collectible item, with its box and other assets. The ROM edition is just for playing the game on your computer, with no frills.
Can I submit more than one score?
Absolutely! We understand that the more you play the better you get, and as the competition heats up, so does your score improve. So play all you want, and send us as many high scores as you manage to achieve.
Will you accept a photo taken with any old cheap camera?
As long as the game screen and the score are clearly visible in the picture, we'll take whatever you've got.
Can I take screenshots directly from the emulator?
Of course! Screenshots and screen-region grabs are just as welcomed. Just make sure that it shows the entire game screen.
What if I video tape myself playing?
Well, we really would like a single shot of the screen with your high score, but if a movie is all you've got, we'll consider it—as long as it is of a reasonable length, size, and format. If you can direct us to the specific point in the timeline where the high score shows, even better.
What file formats do you accept for the screen images?
For images, we'll accept any of the common formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. For videos, we'll accept either MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (H.264), or Quicktime Movie (MOV). We'll make all reasonable attempts to open your file, but keep in mind that it may be rejected if we are unable to view it.
Do I have to "beat the game" (save Christmas) in order to participate?
Saving Christmas is not strictly necessary. However, do keep in mind that the highest ranking players participating in the championship are bound to have beat the game at least once. That said, just do your best and send us your highest score.
What's a Veteran Player?
Veteran players are those who have won awards, or have submitted scores higher than 2,000 points, in previous Carol vs. The World Championships. These players are not eligible for the regular prizes, but they fall under a special "Elite Knight Elf" category that has its own set of awards.
What does it mean to be a Veteran Player?
It means that you have been granted a high honour by Santa Claus, nominating you as an Elite Knight Elf. It also means that you get to compete against other players of your same caliber for a greater challenge, and must prove your mettle by improving your previous scores from past competitions.
Can a Veteran Player win the Grand Prize?
Of course! The Grand Prize is open for anyone, except those veterans who have won it before. We think it's only fair that newcomers and veterans alike have every chance to improve their skills and ranking and aim for the tippity toppity prize!
How do I get all the rank patches?
Patches are only awarded to the top players on each rank each year. Since the patches change every few years, there is really no way to get all patches. This makes your earned patches even more special!
What are achievements?
Achievements are small incremental goals that track your progress through the game. They provide an added personal challenge. Some of them occur automatically by just advancing through the game. Others require extra effort or skill. You don't have to do any of it, but we are sure it'll be fun to compare your achievements against other, so why not?
Are the achievements tied to the prizes?
No. Achievements are just fun little side challenges, purely for bragging rights. The championship prizes are awarded only based on the submitted high scores. However, we may throw an Achievement Challenge here and there throughout the Championship to make things more exciting, so you should get acquainted with all of them.
Do I get anything if I win all the achievements?
Maybe. Many surprises will be announced throughout the competition. ;)
What happens if I break the World Record?
Fame and fortune for sure! You will be awarded a small trophy commemorating your grandious achievement. Plus, you'll earn some serious bragging rights!
What's with the hot cocoa?
During the first championship in 2012 we gave away personalized mugs to the winners of the Master Challenge. We thought it would be even better if those mugs were filled with something. There aren't many things better in a cold winter's night than a cup of hot cocoa to warm you up, so it's a perfect fit! Plus the Ghost Of Christmas Presents really likes hot cocoa, especially with those little marshmallows.
If I win, do I really get to choose any marquee design I want?
Well, any within reason. You are free to make any suggestions or requests, but the game programmer will have the final say on what is reasonable and adequate to display on the marquee. Generally, we expect suggestions on layout and whether to include the winner's name and score. You also have an opportunity to provide your own artwork, but the final decision still remains on the game programmer. Obvious things that shall be prohibited are any objectionable themes or elements like profanity. You'll have a chance to talk it out with the game programmer; he's a nice guy, and he'll try to be accommodating. :)
What happens if I cheat?
You'll be immediately disqualified, shamed publicly, and you'll go straight into Santa's Naughty List! Remember, he knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for Goodness' sake. Or else, it's a big lump of coal in your stocking this Christmas, buster!
Anything else I should know or do?
Yes: HAVE FUN! It's a Christmas game, so gather your kids and friends around the TV or monitor screen, bake some cookies, drink some eggnog, and be sure to share the joy and merriment!