Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents

Oops! We found a bug! (And fixed it!)

[Updated on 11/01/2012]

During the grand world debut of Christmas Carol at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, we discovered a serious defect in the game. If you purchased the game at the show, please contact us at your earliest convenience for replacement options.

We worked hard to get this bug fixed quickly and provide replacement copies to all purchasers. However, we understand that there may still be some out there. Please read below for more information on the recall.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and exhort you to contact us, should you have any questions.

Recall Status:

  • The bug has been identified and corrected. We have thoroughly tested the game to ensure there are no more defects.
  • As of 10 October, 2012, replacement cartridges have been shipped to all affected customers that have requested one.
  • Sales of the final corrected game have resumed as of 8 October, 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the bug?
The bug is an error in the program that causes the game to freeze right after completing the 7th Stage. It means that even if you made it that far, you won't be able to beat the "boss" and therefore, you can't save Christmas.
Don't you test your games?
We pride ourselves in making quality games, and we definitely test them rigorously. Christmas Carol was indeed tested for months by a team of talented beta testers. Unfortunately, a latent bug that lay undiscovered in the program was triggered by a small and trival update that we made at the last minute. Our final tests did not account for this side-effect, and the bug squeezed by.
Is there a way to avoid the bug?
Unfortunately, no. The error is such that it will cause the game to freeze as soon as you complete the 7th Stage, under any and all circumstances. All other parts of the game work correctly, though.
Someone called this a "Fatal Bug", should I be alarmed?
During our previous announcements we were calling this a "Fatal Bug," due to its critical nature. However, rest assured that there is absolutely no risk to you or to your Intellivision®. It is merely fatal to the gaming experience, in that it does not let you finish the game as intended. To avoid confusion, in this and in all future announcements, we will refer to the defect as critical instead.
Does this mean that there are copies of the faulty game out there?
We've managed to recall most of the released copies with the bug, so only a small number of them remain "in the wild." Fortunately, we've accounted and tracked every single one of them. We will post a list of the serial numbers of the remaining copies in this page soon.
I bought one of your other titles at CG Expo, are they also defective?
No. Only our newest game, Christmas Carol, has a defect. All other titles sold at the show work as intended.
I bought a copy of Christmas Carol at CG Expo, what should I do?
Please contact us at your earliest convenience for replacement options. Our contact e-mail address is: